SuperMax | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about blue SuperMax

What content is included in the blue SuperMax package and in which languages?

New Includes:
• Disney+ Standard (ad-free) (via app)
• Paramount+ (via app)
Also included:
• Sky Cinema (Cinema Pass worth CHF 9.90) included, usable directly in SuperMax on blue TV
• First-class feature film channels: Sky Cinema, blue Action, blue Stars, blue Retro, Kinowelt, Warner Film & Kabel1Classics
Languages: German and English
Disney+ content is also available in French and Italian

What is the price advantage of a blue SuperMax package compared to the individual prices of Disney+, Paramount+, Sky Cinema and blue Max?

With the new blue SuperMax package, you save over 35% on an annual subscription and over 20% on a monthly subscription compared to a single purchase.

How to activate Disney+ or Paramount+ content?

blue SuperMax customers will receive an email from Swisscom to activate Disney+ and Paramount+ content. In order to successfully activate the content, it is imperative that the information in the MySwisscom customer portal is followed.

What happens to a Disney+ or Paramount+ subscription to Swisscom that is already subscribed to when the blue SuperMax package is ordered?

If you have already subscribed to Disney+ and/or Paramount+ individually with Swisscom, you do not need to do anything else. The accounts are automatically transferred to the blue SuperMax package.

How can the content from Disney+ and Paramount+ be watched on the Sunrise TV Box with the blue SuperMax package?

The content from Disney+ and Paramount+ is currently not available on the Sunrise TV Box.
Until Sunrise makes this possible, Sunrise blue SuperMax customers will be able to use Disney+ and Paramount+ within the corresponding apps on devices such as Smart TVs, Apple TV or smartphones.

Where can the content from Disney+ and Paramount+ be found within the blue SuperMax package on the different devices?

Swisscom TV Box
The content of Disney+ and Paramount+ can be found either in the streaming section, on the homepage of SuperMax in the blue+ section or directly via the Disney+ or Paramount+ apps integrated on the Swisscom TV Box.
blue TV App
On all other devices, the content is currently available to you via the respective Disney+ and Paramount+ apps.

How can Sky Cinema content be used?

All Sky Cinema content is integrated directly into the blue SuperMax package and can be used on the Swisscom TV Box or in the blue TV app. It is not necessary to use the Sky app.

What pricing plans and add-on options are available for the blue SuperMax package?

What is Disney+ Premium and what does it mean for blue SuperMax customers?

With the Disney+ Premium upgrade for CHF 5 per month, blue SuperMax customers get Disney+ content in the app with the best possible picture quality up to 4K UHD, HDR and Dolby Atmos. Disney+ content is also available on 4 simultaneous streams.
After taking out a blue SuperMax subscription, the customer can activate the Disney+ Premium upgrade in the my Swisscom customer centre as follows:

  • Step 1: Select «TV» in the my Swisscom customer centre
  • Step 2: Select ACTIVE OPTIONS > «Customise options» in the box
  • Step 3: Under FURTHER OPTIONS > select «Entertainment»
  • Step 4: Select Disney+ Premium Upgrade and press «Next» at the bottom of the page
  • Step 5: Complete the order
What happens to ongoing promotions on Disney+ and/or Paramount+ when you purchase a SuperMax package?

Ongoing promotions on the Disney+ and/or Paramount services will automatically expire.

Do existing accounts with Disney+, Paramount+ or Sky have to be cancelled to avoid additional costs?

The Disney+ and/or Paramount+ subscription was taken out via Swisscom: If Disney+ and/or Paramount+  were ordered via Swisscom, your existing accounts will automatically be transferred to the blue SuperMax package. There is no need for further action.
The Disney+ subscription was taken out directly from Disney:   If the Disney+ subscription was ordered directly via Disney (and not via e.g. Google Play Store or Apple App Store), and this Disney+ subscription corresponds to the same or a lower subscription model as the Disney+ in the blue SuperMax package, then Disney pauses the stand-alone subscription.
Note: If you have an annual Disney+ subscription that is higher than what's included in your blue SuperMax offer, you'll need to cancel it yourself in the Disney+ Customer Center. However, you can request a partial refund for the prepaid months from Disney Customer Service. Disney will send you an email with further instructions after activating Disney+ via blue SuperMax.

Is it possible to switch from an existing Disney+ and/or Paramount+ annual subscription booked via Swisscom to a blue SuperMax annual or monthly subscription?

Switching from a Disney+ and/or Paramount+ annual subscription to the blue SuperMax annual subscription is always possible. In the event of a change, a new 12-month minimum contract period applies to the blue SuperMax package.
It is not possible to switch from a Disney+ and/or Paramount+ annual subscription to a blue SuperMax monthly subscription.

Will the information from a Disney+ and/or Paramount+ subscription be carried over if it is cancelled when purchasing SuperMax?

Contact details, personal favorites lists and the like will be taken over if the same email address is used for the Disney+ and/or Paramount+ accounts that have already been cancelled when the respective app is reactivated.

Can I also use Disney+ and Paramount+ abroad?

As long as the services are offered in the respective country, the Disney+ and Paramount+ apps can also be used by blue SuperMax customers abroad. However, individual titles may not be available abroad for licensing reasons (geo-blocking).