The blue TV App for PC, Tablet & Smartphone

The blue TV App for Smartphone, Tablet & PC

With the Swisscom blue TV app, you can enjoy your Swisscom blue TV on any smart device. With your channel list, recordings, replay, blue+ and much more. You only need to register once and can install the app on all your favourite devices. You receive the Swisscom blue TV app as a free gift with every TV subscription. But you can also enjoy blue TV Air without a blue TV subscription. With blue TV Air, you have access to all your subscribed blue Entertainment packages such as blue Max, Sport or Doku. Or you can buy or rent the films, series and sports on demand.

Free of charge

Swisscom blue TV Air free

  • 250+ channels
  • Replay not available
  • Recordings not available
  • Advertising during channel change

Swisscom blue TV Air

  • 250+ channels
  • 30h replay without fast-forwarding
  • 60h recording
  • No advertising during channel change

1 month for free*

Price per month


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